Shower Doors

At Pro Glass and Mirror we offer a large selection of shower doors and enclosures. Our display room has a variety of shower doors to view, and varying styles of glass and hardware to choose from. Stop on in and ask for Dan the shower door man!

shower door

All of the shower doors that we offer have an angled slope inside of the track. This makes for easy cleaning and creates one less spot for bacteria and mold to accumulate.
We also carry a line of Glassguard™ shower doors. Glassguard™ shower doors are covered with a bonding agent much like the coating used in "non-stick" pots and pans. The bonding agent allows the glass to repel hard water minerals, dirt, and soap. Which reduces the time and effort needed to keep your shower clean. All Glassguard™ shower doors carry a 5-year manufacturers warranty.


We also offer a DIY Glassguard™ Revitalizer/Protector that you can apply yourself; the effects can last up to 6 months.